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Ryan Deiss FreshKey is a new software product developed by the Digital Marketer bunch in Texas.

About the Freshkey Software

True to their usual product offers this one is practical, useful, and priced far too low.

How much is FreshKey?
Usually I prefer to list you all the great stuff you get and all the great BONUSES before I chat about pricing, but because it is so darn cheap, I’ll tell you right off the bat that you can get FreshKey for only a few bucks ** There is a catch – look below **

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Amazon Spy Tool
You will see after you watch the video how this investment into this spy tool software can make you much, much more.

Oh sure you can type in some keywords and Amazon will guess what you are looking for. And yes these guesses are based on their database of what others have used for search terms. And of course these will be the more popular search terms.

So you don’t really need this tool, you can do everything yourself right? Or… can you?

Keyword analyzer tool

The power in this keyword tool is speed of course, as well as a couple really important facts.

First the speed. It would take a person a couple of hours to do by pecking in the words and various combinations of words and letters to try and milk all the suggestions from the Amazon search bar. The FreshKey Software will give you a litany of ideas and combinations in seconds.

If you haven’t seen the video yet – check it out!

Here are a couple other things you can do with this tool.

It will also give you the keyword ranking.

And index that with the keyword and Google Trends you can see at a glance not only how popular the keyword or phrase is – you also see if its becoming more and more popular. Just that little piece of info alone is like getting ahead of a gold rush!

The spy tool will also give you the Google keywords / phrases that can also be ranked. This way you can compare the Amazon database with the Google.

There is no limit to the number or the combination of searches you can do.

Its a heck of a great tool to find new niches and ideas for book titles (since you will know BEFORE you publish what people WANT!)

Great for SEO and Blog titles.


This 7 minute video is worth watching because Ryan shows you two different, popular and on-the-rise niches that I would bet you have never heard of.


Watch FreshKey Video

** Ryan states in his video that he will only be releasing a limited numbers of the FreshKey Amazon Spy Tool software for this price. **